Composition of the Board:
The Board is comprised of eight members: five members are massage and bodywork therapists; one is a medical doctor, one is a member of the general public, and one member is currently licensed to operate a massage and bodywork therapy establishment. Members serve a three-year term, and may not serve more than two consecutive terms. Board members volunteer their time and expertise; they do not receive a salary for their service.

Board Appointments:
The Governor appoints one therapist member, the physician, the public member, and the establishment owner. The Speaker of the House of Representatives appoints two therapist members. The President Pro Tempore of the Senate appoints two therapist members. In making these appointments, consideration is given to geographic distribution, practice setting, clinical specialty, and other factors that will promote diversity of the profession on the Board.

Each member of the Board is bound to uphold the Board Member Code of Conduct. This is a comprehensive set of behavioral expectations which are intended to assure the Public that the Board and its individual members uphold the highest level of integrity and ethical standards. The Board is given specific powers and duties as listed in Section 90-626 of the Practice Act.

Financial Resources:
As set forth in Sections 90-627 and 90-628 of the Practice Act, this is a "self-funded" regulatory program. All costs involved with operating the Board Office, paying professional staff, and carrying out the licensure program must come from fees collected for this purpose. No State, County or Municipal money may be provided to support this program.