This Code of Conduct is a set of behavioral expectations intended to assure the Public that the Board and its individual members uphold the highest level of integrity and ethical standards. The following principles provide the foundation for assuring public trust in professional regulation:
The mission of a regulatory board for a licensed profession is to ensure that the public will have access to competent, safe, and ethical practitioners in the profession. 
Members of a regulatory board must familiarize themselves with the laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures that govern their service on the board.
The work of regulatory boards for the licensed professions is public service, not private interest or group advocacy.
Performance of public service is a privilege, not an earned or inherited right.
Regardless of whether a member of a regulatory board for a licensed profession is a licensee in that or some other profession, a consumer, or any other type of member, it is essential for each board member to represent the public; that is, all of the people. Board members do not represent the profession, nor any other private group.
Members of regulatory boards must strive beyond the norm to avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interest that may compromise the integrity of the board.
Members of regulatory boards must strive beyond the norm to avoid any relationship, activity or position that may influence, directly or indirectly, the performance of his or her official duties as a board member.
Therefore, each Member of the North Carolina Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy shall:
1. Fulfill the oath to uphold the laws of North Carolina regarding the practice of massage and bodywork therapy for the protection of the public;
2. Read and re-read the laws and policies under which the Board operates;
3. Prepare for, attend, and participate in the meetings of the Board and committees to which appointment has been accepted;
4. Ensure each matter is dealt with in a fair, equitable, impartial and just manner based on what is best for the consumer of massage and bodywork therapy;
5. Reveal actual or perceived conflicts of interest and recuse oneself from Board decision making when appropriate;
6. Ensure the rights to due process and protect the integrity of individuals and agencies who appear before the Board;
7. Accept responsibility and accountability for the decisions made by the Board, regardless of personal opinion;
8. Maintain confidentiality of confidential documents, information, and general Board matters;
9. Demonstrate mutual respect and support for each other and Board staff in all Board-related activities;
10. Not speak or act for the Board without proper authorization; and,
11. Avoid advising and/or conferring with those licensees and/or their legal counsel(s) who have been issued or may be issued a letter of charges by the Board.
This Code was adopted by the Board on August 14, 2000