NC Massage and Bodywork Therapy Board

Application Process

How can I get an application for licensure?

To obtain a License Application Packet you must either download the "Application Request Form" located in the Document Center on the Board website or complete the "Online Application Request" process.  If you choose to download the form, then mail the completed form directly to the Board with the $20.00 application fee.  The $20.00 application fee must be a money order or cashiers check only.  No cash, personal checks or credit cards will be accepted if you are mailing the form into the Board.  If you choose to utilize the "Online Application Request" process, then follow then link below.  The Board accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit cards for online payments.  Once the application request form with the $20 fee is received in the Board office you will be mailed an application packet.  The official licensure application packet includes all required forms and an instructional handbook.

Online Application Request

Who must be licensed?
All therapists in the State who fall under the scope of practice definition in the Massage and Bodywork Therapy Practice Act will be required to apply for a license. This is legally defined as: Systems of activity applied to the soft tissues of the human body for therapeutic, educational or relaxation purposes. This includes anyone who is practicing massage and bodywork therapy for compensation, whether you are working full-time or part-time, self-employed or working for someone else. The only exceptions are practitioners of certain energy-based and movement repatterning techniques whose work meets specific criteria for exemption set forth in the Rules and Regulations. (Refer to the FAQ Sheet for details.)

How to Apply for a License

First you must choose the type of massage and bodywork therapy license you wish to apply for; Regular License, License by Endorsement A or License by Endorsement B.  Once you have determined the type of license that best suits your situation, follow the instructions and checklists in the Intrstuctional Handbook that you can download through the link below to ensure you are submitting a complete Application for the type of licensing process you have selected. Please note you choose the type of licensure you wish to apply for even if you hold a massage therapy license from another state. If you have passed the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) exam or MBLEx exam, you may apply for a regular license or license by Endorsement A.  If you have not taken either the NCBTMB or MBLEx exam and hold a license from another state you must apply for a license by Endorsement A.  License by Endorsement B is for applicants who practice or have practiced in a non-licensing state or who do not meet this Board's minimum educational requirement of 500 in-class hours and the applicant has other credentials they wish the Board to review.  Click on the link below for the requirements and checklists for the Regular License, License by Endorsement A and License by Endorsement B:

Click here to view and download the Instructional Handbook

Review Process and Timeline

Once your Application is received at the Board Office, it will be reviewed by Board staff for completeness. When all documentation is complete, your Application will be approved by Board staff or forwarded to the Board’s License Standards Committee. This committee makes recommendations to the Board. Final action on Applications reviewed by the License Standards Committee is made at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. On average, it will take sixty (60) business days (business days do not include weekends and holidays) for a license to be issued by the Board once the Application is found to be complete. This timeframe begins on the date the Board receives the Application, not the date the Application is mailed.  The timeframe for processing an application is an approximate time and may require a longer period of time to process. If the Board requests missing documents or further information, the timeframe starts over when the missing documents or information have been received in the Board office. If the applicant has any criminal history, the process time is longer as the timeframe will be based on the review of the criminal history itself.  The Board may request additional information or interview an applicant before issuing a license.

To ensure that all the required documents are received promptly, you may wish to send all the documents together with your application.  By doing this, you will know when the documents are sent.  If you must have a transcript, moral character form, or out of state verification form mailed to the Board separately from your application, that information will be filed with your application when it arrives.  Processing will begin when all documentation has been received. 

Please do not call the Board office to find out your license processing status during the 60 business days necessary for processing.  The Board staff will not be able to confirm that your application has or has not been received.  You may purchase delivery confirmation from the US Postal Service or tracking service from a commercial mailing company.

The Board staff updates the webpage weekly with the names of new licensees.  If you have been issued a license number, it will be on the website,, under Online Verification.  Once your license number appears on the website you should receive your certificate of licensure within ten to fifteen business days.

It is your responsibility to notify the Board of any change in information occurring after the filing of your Application.  You must keep the Board advised of your current mailing address at all times.